God is moving among the Arab people. “The Passion” is currently the most watched movie in the Arab world, according to the Arab newspapers. We can grab hold of this moment and secure the Arab heart for God or we can let it slip through our fingers. A great wave of immigration from their own countries has caused millions of Arabs to follow Jesus as a savior, the only way to teach them by distance is through the internet.

The time is also ripe for the Jewish people in Israel. The trials of the political conflict the last few years has softened hearts in new ways. The Israeli Jews are searching and many have found Yeshua, their Jewish Messiah. There are many who still don’t know Him.

Satellite television and social media is taking programming into Arab and Jewish homes in ways government-sponsored television never has. Now is the time to utilize this tool to take high quality Christian programming into these homes and speak to peoples’ hearts.

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