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Our Vision is to see a massive multiplication movement of disciples and churches throughout Israel and the territories and bring it from Israel to the Nations. We are also working to spread to the nations an understanding of God’s heart for Israel and their place in the world today.

In the context of Middle-eastern culture and hospitality, we have found house churches to be the greatest resource for evangelism and discipleship. We use Luke 10 as our model for outreach. We enter cities, find a “man of peace” who will welcome us, pray for the sick there and watch the Lord touch and heal. We preach the good news of the

Kingdom, and we see good fruit coming forth from our continuing discipleship relationships with the people God is touching. They go on to share the Good News with friends, relatives, and others within their sphere of influence, and the Kingdom is increased.

We started our evangelism in Beer Sheva, reaching primarily Jewish Israelis. Since then our outreach has expanded to all people groups in Israel including Druze, Bedouins, Arab Israelis, and Palestinians.  We currently are mentoring seven church planting teams on the field as well as coaching other ministries in Israel on how to foster Disciple-Making and Church Planting Movements.  Our training work has since expanded to places like Burma, the US, Hong Kong, India, and Nepal. We are believing God for a movement of Israelis who will also be trained to plant church planting movements in Israel and the nations of the world 

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